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Richard Dawkins

Discussion of his work, ideas and activities

The Richard Dawkins Community
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Discussion of Richard Dawkins, and related posts on biology, science, scepticism &c.
Richard Dawkins @ Livejournal.com

Dedicated to discussing the activities, ideas and work of Professor Richard Dawkins


1. Topics which do not directly relate to Dawkins, but which further the aims of the Richard Dawkins Foundation, are permitted. Topics include:

* Books, articles, magazines and other media which promote humanism, secularism, evolution and the public understanding of science. Conversely, media which is critical of fundamentalism, religious indoctrination (especially of children) and pseudoscience. Posting of icons, banners &c. dedicated to Dawkins is also welcome.

In an effort to keep friends pages uncluttered, please place the bulk of longer posts behind a livejournal cut.

2. Off-topic posts which do not relate to Dawkins and his fields of interest, or which are unrelated (or only very distantly related) to the Richard Dawkins Foundation's areas of direct interest, will be deleted.

3. Show respect to other members. Make sure you know what the ad hominem logical fallacy is ;) We're all autonomous rational beings here!

4. Adding appropriate tags and titles to your post helps this community grow as a resource, and makes it easier to search, so it is appreciated :)